Muslim brotherhoods and politics in Senegal

From Oratory to Debate

Governing the economy: The politics of state intervention in Britain and France

Visibly Muslim: fashion, politics, faith

How can cinema history matter more

Expanded cinema: art, performance and film

Do You See What I See? The Impact of Delsarte on Silent Film Acting

Wildlife watching

Mad Max Fury Road: Escaping the Phallic Economy of Exodus

An Analysis of Bata s System of Corporate Governance for Entrepreneurs and Head Office Employees

Merkel s EU Policy: Kohl s Mädchen or Interest-driven Politics

Introduction to early medieval Western Europe, 300-900: the sword, the plough and the book

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Transnational conversions: Greek Catholic migrants and Russky Orthodox conversion movements in Austria-Hungary, Russia, and the Americas (1890-1914

On strategic culture

Remembering the Holocaust in Germany, 1945-2000 German Strategies and Jewish Responses

Problematic portrayals and contentious content: Representations of the Holocaust in English history textbooks

Cross Channel Reflections: French Perceptions of Britain from Fashoda to the Boer War

Design and simulation of engines: a century of progress

Nonviolent resistance and conflict transformation in power asymmetries

Software science revisited: A critical analysis of the theory and its empirical support

Capturing natural-colour 3D models of insects for species discovery and diagnostics

irect 4647

Survey of College Entrance Exam Preparation Methods

Handbook on Virginia Civil Procedure, A Guide to Legal Research in Virginia

Set under authority: being a portrait of the life of the British District Officer in the Sudan under the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium, 1898-1955

Individualized readings: a research and review of the literature

Nude female figure

History of art

Archaeology and cosmopolitanism in early historic and medieval Sri Lanka

The Overview of Chemical Knowledge in Eighteenth Century Georgia According to the Chemistry Book by King Vakhtang VI

Looting matters for classical antiquities: contemporary issues in archaeological ethics

Dynamics of estuarine muds

The ABC s of pollutant bioassay using fish

Economic valuation of natural resources: a handbook for coastal resource policymakers

La géographie de l excès de poids au Québec: exploration d un problème multiscalaire et multidimensionnel en santé publique

Resurrection in Daniel 12 and Its Contribution to the Theology of the Book of Daniel

Vol. 37, No. 02 (Summer: 2013

Vol. 37, No. 02 (Summer: 2013

Response of winter wheat to simulated stand reduction

Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems

South African Red Data Book-Reptiles and Amphibians

Night of the living dead: reappraising an undead classic

Public opinion and political change in Poland, 1980-1982


1492: the poetics of diaspora

London s Leonardo: the life and work of Robert Hooke

Virgil s Schoolboys: The Poetics of Pedagogy in Renaissance England

Leopold von Ranke

The modern language of architecture

The relation between architectural forms and philosophical structures in the work of Francesco Borromini in seventeenth-century Rome

The story of civilization

Medieval and Renaissance book production

Policy and Methods in German and American Antitrust Law: A Comparative Study

The New Institutional Economics and the Changing Fortunes of Fairs in Medieval and Early Modern Europe: the Textile Trades, Warfare, and Transaction

Open federalism in an urban age: implications of recent trends in intergovernmental relations for municipal governance in Canada

Bell s orofacial pains: the clinical management of orofacial pain

Managing training and development in South Africa

Applied fluvial geomorphology for river engineering and management

Crossing border to border crossing

Imaginary Pasts: Colonisation, Migration and Loss in JG Farrell s The Singapore Grip and in Amitav Ghosh s The Glass Palace

LibGuides: Asian American Studies Research Guide: New Books

A Dialogue on Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Moving through nets: An introduction

Persephone returns: Victims, heroes and the journey from the underworld

The Music Man

Peasant mobilization for land reform: historical case studies and theoretical considerations


Twenty-Five Years of Research in School Education: The Scenario in West Bengal, Report of SSA Project (2005-06

Hindutva Agenda and History Writing: Imaginings of Nation

Human Rights Education in Asian Schools Volume VI

Hindutva Agenda and History Writing: Imaginings of Nation

Statistical methods in education and psychology

Hate crime and restorative justice: Exploring causes, repairing harms

Hindu nationalists and local History: From ideology to local lore

Barriers to expansion of mass literacy and primary schooling in West Bengal: a study based on primary data from selected villages

Hindutva Agenda and History Writing: Imaginings of Nation

Mothers and Non‐Mothers: Gendering the Discourse of Education in South Asia

The modernity of sectarianism in Lebanon

2 enzyme have been implicated to have a role in breast carcinogenesis. Several single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) linked to COX-2 enzyme are reported to

Introduction to pathology for the physical therapist assistant

Strangers in the Land of their Birth: Concepts of Social Integration in Portrayals of the Malay in Contemporary Malaysian Novels in English

Fablehaven: a book to screenplay adaptation

Tan Hwee Hwee~ Recommendations~

Generation and identity in Claire Tham s Singaporan Stories

Noise Reduction Methods for Hammering Impact Acoustic Inspection: An Experimental Comparison

Suchen Christine Lim~ Recommendations~

John Gay s the beggar s opera: early eighteenth-century responses in the arts to cultural, sociological and political issues in London life

The portrayal of immigrants in children s and young adults American trade books during two peak United States immigration eras (1880-1930 and 1980-2010s

Philatelic materials in archival collections: Their appraisal, preservation, and description

Structural dielectric and magnetic properties of Gd and Ti co-doped BiFeO3 multiferroics at room temperature

How philosophy of mind needs philosophy of chemistry

BFRL Fire Titles

High pressure oxidation of normal decane and kerosene in dilute conditions from low to high temperature

Pulp magazine

Guide to MS474 Archie Waters Papers

In Search of Wonder: Essays on Modern Science Fiction

Diveristy, Political Correctness and Social Justice in Contemporary Marvel Comics

The family book

Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by M. Medina

War, Limited Enthusiasm: Sexuality, Disillusionment, Survival, and the Changing Landscape of War Culture in Korean War-era Comic Books and Soldier Iconography

Terrified protectors: The early twenty-first century fear narrative in comic book superhero stories

Disruptions: Where Apple and Dick Tracy May Converge

Independent, Mainstream and In Between: How and Why Indie Films Have Become Their Own Genre

At home in the Revolution: what women said and did in 1916

Immigration, politics and violence in urban France: between fiction and facts

How the Academy Awards Influence Audience Perception of a Film

National Integration Slogans in Printed Mass Media in the Era of New Order Regime in Indonesia, 1968-1998


Hollywood movies in the classroom: bringing finance and business ethics alive

Letter from the President

American cultural diplomacy, the cinema, and the Cold War in central Europe

Blaxploitation cinema: the essential reference guide

Is there a closure penalty? Cohesive network structures, diversity, and gender inequalities in career advancement

Subbed-Titles : Hollywood, the Art House Market and the Best Foreign Language Film Category at the Oscars

Non-traditional authorship attribution studies of William Shakespeare s canon: some caveats

I Am Just As Much Dead as He Is: Community, Finitude and Sibling Intimacy in Katherine Mansfield

Green functors and G-sets

ENTREVISTA: Deconstructing Katherine Mansfield: an interview with Vincent O Sullivan

The Green Beautiful Optionfor the WTO-Multilateral Trading System: Cutting the Edge between Feasibility, Pragmatic Approach and Utopia in Governing the Multiple

Wicked widows, crazy spinsters, and competent heroines: the single woman in sentimental fiction

An educator s guide to the human brain

Preventing and controlling iron deficiency anaemia through primary health care: a guide for health administrators and programme managers

OMG U got flu? Analysis of shared health messages for bio-surveillance

Women s Body Image in the Media: An Analytical Study of Recent Body Image Movements across Media Platforms

From baby formula to solid food: How the influence of media has nourished children s literature

Confidence in their ability to do mathematics: The need to eradicate math anxiety so our future students can successfully compete in a high-tech globally

A randomized evaluation of Ohio s Personalized Assessment Reporting System (PARS

Intelligent tutoring goes to school in the big city

Counseling with children in contemporary society

Selective bibliography and guide for I is not for Indian: The portrayal of Native Americans in books for young people

The Second World War: a people s history

How to deliver a TED talk

Autism Treatment: Curing The Savant

Escape from Italy. The Italian immigration experience in Canada from the Unification of Italy to the present day

A Man for All Seasons

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How the millennium comes violently


From House to Home : The Structure of a Soul Journey in Christina Rossetti s Devotional Writing

The Senior Blessing at Abilene Christian University s College of Business Administration

Natural Strange Beatitudes: Geoffrey Hill s The Orchards of Syon, Poetic Oxymoron and Post-Secular Poetics AND An Atheist s Prayer-Book

Spiritual psychotherapy

A study for educational administrators concerning the relationships between selected dimensions of Christian education and student spirituality in Seventh-Day

PM 520 Healing and the Christian Faith

Eight traits of an ethically healthy culture: insights from the Beatitudes

Pray what? The experience of extemporaneous public prayer in the United Church of Canada

The role of cultural intelligence of managers in promoting employees collaboration

The role of cultural intelligence of managers in promoting employees collaboration

The role of cultural intelligence of managers in promoting employees collaboration

The role of cultural intelligence of managers in promoting employees collaboration

Iron Man: America s Cold War Champion and Charm against the Communist Menace

Gender Roles among Managers

Hear, my son: Teaching and learning in Proverbs 1-9

The Success and Ambiguity of Young Adult Literature: Merging Literary Modes in Contemporary British Fiction

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Transportation energy data book

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Overview of hospital stays in the United States, 2012: Statistical Brief# 180

Transportation energy data book

Cultural exchange on Malta and Gozo: A study of the Aegyptiaca on Malta and Gozo from the Phoenician and Punic periods

Telling time for archaeologists

Dungan Revolt (1862-77

Enterprise Intelligence Platform in the airline industry

The core: Digital library education in library and information science programs

Student motivation, school culture, and academic achievement: What school leaders can do

Significant aspects of client-centered therapy

Focusing ability in psychotherapy, personality, and creativity

Jews Have the Best Sex: The Hollywood Adventures of a Peculiar Medieval Jewish Text on Sexuality

Use of canthaxanthin to maintain the natural colour of captive birds at Bronx Zoo

Plush Love: Animal Anthropomorphism in Contemporary Art

Cooking pot markets: an economic model for the trade in free goods and services on the Internet (originally published in March 1998


Software architecture

ECDL 2003 Workshop report: Digital library evaluation-metrics, testbeds and processes

Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems

My Problem with Jimmy Carter s Book

Gnomon Shadow Measurements and Changes in Cosmology Since Han China [J

EMPeror: a tool for visualizing high-throughput microbial community data

The Plays of Tom Stoppard for Stage, Radio, TV and Film

Leibniz s modal metaphysics

Leibniz lecteur de Spinoza: la genèse d une opposition complexe

Dictionary of philosophy and psychology

Imagining the Unimaginable: Psychopathy,(Un) Criminality and the Body

Single-serve ice cream packaging: packaging structures enhancing brand

The impact of feng shui on Chinese communication

The Golden Scapegoat: Portrait of the Jew in the Novels of Balzac

Salvage operations for water damaged collections

John Bale

American Call For War: Cultural Reader Response To Ridley Scott s Black Hawk Down Movie (2001

Howl and other poems

The Basics of Cristallography and Diffraction

The Devil and Daniel Webster

Female Biblical Engagement in Charlotte Maria Tucker (ALOE) s Pictures of St. Peter in an English Home (1887

Magnetic fluid conditioning

Sampling the City: An investigation of space and place within the City

Revealing the Objects: Travel Books

Battlefield Archaeology of the English Civil War

The politics of money: towards sustainability and economic democracy

Finite graphs and networks: An introduction with applications

Time course of vasospasm in man

Breaking the cycle of hate: A phenomenological study of teachers lived experiences as both other and otherer

G-strings and sympathy: Strip club regulars and male desire

Engineering analysis of shape change in zinc secondary electrodes I. Theoretical

Lsst science book, version 2.0

Looking past the lily: layers of meaning and interconnectivity in Nick Virgilio s haiku

Oral health-related quality of life

PET instrumentation and methodology

«Le Muscle et le Vouloir»: Les sports dans les collèges classiques masculins au Québec, 1870-1940


Children s Book Update for 2010-2011

From shack dweller to home owner: The power of the MBOP, Africana womanism, and self-help housing among the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia

Alternative fuel vehicles: should the federal government bridge the economic gap

Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology; Volume 10

From Trade Unionism to Syndicalisme Révolutionnaire to Syndicalism: The British Origins of French Syndicalism

A Textbook and Other Resources for Teaching Challenge-Based Biotransport

Antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties of Kyo-yasai, heirloom vegetables in Kyoto

The Familiar and the Fantastic A Study of Contemporary High Fantasy in George RR Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire and Steven Erikson s Malazan Book of the Fallen

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